Volunteer members of the McDonough County, Illinois Genealogical Society offers three types of research services: (1) One-Person Search Request, (2) Surname Database Request, and (3) Other Requests.

Mail your request, including any forms and fees outlined below, to:

McDonough County Genealogical Society
PO Box 202
Macomb, Illinois 61455-0202

All research is done by volunteers – please be patient.

Option 1. Request for One-Person Search in Common Records

Please submit your request on the One-Person Search form (see below) along with your payment, for a search for one person. Records included in the search and fees are listed on the form.

The charges for a One Person Search (postage included) are $15.00 for MCGS members and $20.00 for Non-members. The cost includes the first 10 copies. Additional Copies are $.25 each.

Include a separate search form and fee for each person you want us to research. Return search request form(s) with YOUR CHECK! Make all checks payable to MCGS.

One Person Research Request Form

Option 2.  Surname Search

Search our surname database and request specific copies of specific documents.  Our resources that are indexed and included in our database are listed here:


Surname Database

Option 3. Other

MCGS can also respond to specific requests to research other County records, newspapers and other references. If your request doesn’t fit our One-Person Search or Surname Database Request (above), our volunteers will be glad to review your request, let you know if we can do the work.

The rates for non-members are $17/hour plus copy and postage costs. The rate for members is $12/hour plus copy and postage costs. Please be as specific as possible about what information you desire. To request a review, email mcgs@macomb.com or send a letter to MCGS at PO Box 202, Macomb, IL 61455-0202.