News of President Lincoln’s assassination in the
Friday, April 21, 1865, Macomb Weekly Journal

Newspapers hold a treasure trove of information about ancestors. Not only do local newspapers list births, marriages, and deaths, but frequently have land transactions and school news.

Newspapers printed in McDonough County, Illinois, or nearby, cover much of the county as well as neighboring communities in other counties. These newspapers are available FREE and can be accessed in many ways.

See below to download the table you see identifying where you can find different McDonough county newspapers.

Where to find local newspapers.

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McDonough County newspapers

  • Adair Weekly Beacon, 1918-1924
  • Bardolph News, 1893-1946
  • Blandinsville Star-Gazette 1896-1980
  • Bushnell Record, 1881-1923
  • Colchester Independent, 1880-1913
  • Industry Press, 1916-1924
  • Macomb Weekly Journal, 1861-1878
  • Macomb Journal, 1865-1878
  • McDonough News, 1929-1930


For other Illinois newspapers, try the University of Illinois Newspaper Archives. You can browse by county to find the location you need.

For information on McDonough County and surrounding areas’ contributions to the WWII effort, search THE CAMP ELLIS newspaper. Camp Ellis was a US Army Camp near Ipava, IL from 1942-1945. Many McDonough county residents, men, and women worked at the Camp. The paper is searchable by name.

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