Originally called the “Union Block”. The building was built in 1896 and completed in 1897. The new photography gallery of Patterson & Byers opened. Macomb Journal March 4, 1897
1929 Zahren Building (Kline’s Department Store), South Lafayette St.
Chandler Block, corner of North Lafayette and Carroll Streets, Macomb, Illinois
1929 Zahren Building, South Lafayette Street, Kline’s Store
Second McDonough County Courthouse
Third McDonough County Courthouse
Chandler’s Hall, northwest corner of the square
Illinois Theatre , 1969 movie on marquee of “Bob and Carol Ted and Alice”
WIU Homecoming circa late 1950s early 1960s
Believed to be from the 1950s, Baders of Macomb. Note the train station in the upper left of the picture. The train station in Macomb still exists today.