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Research Center of the
McDonough County, Illinois Genealogical Society


Welcome to the MCGS Research Center.

The Center is located at 201 S. Lafayette Street, Macomb, Illinois, within the Western Illinois Museum. This is one block south of the Courthouse Square, in the same block as the Macomb Public Library. The building also houses the Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. Free on-street and off-street parking is available adjacent to the building.

See our Calendar for research center hours.

Desk Reception Desk

You will be greeted at the desk by a receptionist who is a trained volunteer and a member of MCGS. Another trained MCGS member-volunteer is also available to assist you with your research.

  • researchers sign the register as they enter
  • give purses, book bags, large notebooks, etc., to the receptionist for storage. A coat rack is available.
  • CD-ROMs are checked out here
  • Pencils are available here (we request you don't use pens in the facility to protect the resources.)
  • researchers request and pay for photocopies (25 cents each), publications, etc.
Surname, Local History and Obituary Files Obituary Card File, Surname File, and Local History Vertical File

The black filing cabinets contain a vertical file organized by surname and another by local history topic. The contents have been collected since the Society was formed in 1979 and range from short notes, to family group sheets, to short family histories.

The obituary card file (colored boxes on top of the filing cabinets) is arranged alphabetically.

Book Collection Book Collection

The book collection includes over 1,000 titles. McDonough County resources form the largest single group, followed by family histories, and resources for Illinois counties surrounding McDonough.

The collection also contains how-to books, European and immigration information, and resources for other states, particularly those east of Illinois.

Photocopies will be made by the receptionist. Researchers should submit a photocopy request form (available on the tables). Please pay the receptionist for copies.

Books and materials should be placed on the cart when finished. The volunteer staff will shelve the materials. Nothing from the collection may leave the Research Center.

Microfilm Cabinet Microfilm

The microfilm cabinets contain census, land records, church records, and newspapers. Please take one reel at a time. If others are waiting, the readers have a 30-minute limit. A microfilm reader/printer is available and its coin box takes quarters only.

Seating Seating Area

Several tables and chairs are available, including electrical plugs for a lap top computer. Along the far wall are the computer/printer and the microfilm/microfiche readers. If others are waiting, the computer and film/fiche readers have a 30-minute limit. Please pay the receptionist for copies from the computer printer.

Magazines and news quarterlies from other societies are housed in a section of the seating area.

Loud and excessive talking is discouraged as a courtesy to other patrons. No food, drink, smoking, cell phones in use or operating radios are permitted. Only pencils may be used in the research center.

Research Policy

To request research, please review our Research Policies first. You may contact the McDonough County Genealogical Society at this address : McDonough County Genealogical Society,  PO Box 202 Macomb, Illinois 61455-0202 or by phone 309-255-5161 or by Email:  .  Note that you may need to leave a message and receive a return call when a volunteer is available.  Please be aware that our ability to respond to email may be limited by availability of volunteers.  


Thank you for visiting.

We hope you will visit us in person soon.


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